Relics in the Waste


Meeting Winterhaven

Having arrived in Winterhaven, you began to ask around with the local populace about relics, kobolds, and all manner of other things. Starting in the tavern, Gronnell and Kace chatted up the extremely sociable Eilian, while Seiza had less success with an elf huntress. Outside, you decided to try your luck talking to Valthrun the Prescient, owner of the great tower in the center of the town. He was most eager to accommodate your curiosity, pointing you toward a ruin in the southeast. Later, talking to the town mayor, you found out that you might be able to kill two birds with one stone by heading south, as he believed the kobolds that attacked you had an encampment near the waterfall on the river Thoss to the south.

It was a three day journey to reach the falls, and so – not wanting to waste any of your provisions – you set out that day. Unfortunately, you had barely gotten outside the town walls when you were attacked yet again by kobolds! With more highly-trained fighters and magical support, these little vermin proved much more of a nuisance than their predecessors. With a spate of bad luck hounding you, you have thus far been unable to provide much of an answer to their attacks. How will the second half of the battle play out?



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