Relics in the Waste


Friendship and Betrayal

At the peak of your battle with the kobolds on the road, you met with two surprises. The first was your own comrade Mari turning on you, lashing out at Seiza as she screamed mad oaths to Orcus, the god of undeath. The situation seemed dire until an elf burst from trees, making quick work of a kobold and coming to your aid in the nick of time. When the traitorous Mari had been silenced, your new comrade introduced himself as Lindir, a cleric of the forest who was questing to save his native home from disappearing. With your friendship secured, you set off once again to take the fight to the kobold raiders. A tense situation played out as you camped one night, with a pack of wolves circling you hungrily, but luckily they were frightened off before they could attack your sleeping friends.

Finally, you found yourselves near the waterfall encampment of the kobold raiders. Stealthily, Seiza snuck down near their position, and spied hordes of kobolds. With the information you obtained, you were able to stage a surprise attack, catching many of the kobolds off-guard, and finishing many of them before they even knew you were there. The rest soon fell to the teamwork of Seiza and Sora, the accuracy of Kace, Zoren, and Lindir, and the brute rage of Gronnell. When the dust settled, you set your sights on your next target: the kobold base inside the cave that lay behind the waterfall. With the adrenaline of battle still coursing through you, you prepared for your next assault.



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