Sir Bartholomew Keegan

Former general of the armies of Nerath


In life, Sir Bartholomew Keegan was the general of the armies of the ancient kingdom of Nerath. This realm from the Old Days once ruled over the northern reaches of Altiar, where towns such as Winterhaven are found today. Keegan was in charge of the Nerathian forces during the fabled Battle of Hell Hill, in which he fought back invaders that poured through the planar rift now housed in the keep on Theras Hill. He told you of a fantastic battle, talking of Nerathian ornithopters and strider regiments, the nature of which you can only guess.

On the final day of the battle, however, Keegan came face-to-face with the portal itself, and his courage left him. He deserted the battle, leading to dozens, if not hundreds, of needless deaths as the battle dragged on. When the otherworldly forces were finally forced to retreat, and the keep built to guard the rift, Keegan was placed in charge of its security. He hid his shameful actions, and the guilt they brought him, until the day he died. Unfortunately, his strong regrets keep him tied to the Material Plane, and he is now trapped within his crypt in the keep. When you met him, he begged to you to seal the portal forever, and gave you his sword Aecris to go in his stead.

Sir Bartholomew Keegan

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