Kace Viridian

"I don't know where I'm from, but nothing will stop me from getting back..."


Kace is talkative and outgoing with a need to be in social settings, but will always fall back on a more isolationist and reclusive nature due to his experiences as a child. Not easy to provoke to anger, highly nonconfrontational and unwilling to start arguments unless of course it is truly something he believes in or feels he is right about. Deeply thoughtful and creative, as shown through his somewhat unique and freeform practice of magic. He views the “bookmages” approach to magic as rigid and unrealistic—magic is something natural that should flow from the soul and not be constrained by incantations and rules.

He has characteristic fair elven skin, black shoulder length hair in a ponytail, and blue-green eyes that don’t quite look elven or human in color. Typically wears green and dark earthtone clothing. Wears a pendant that, although solid, appears to be made of some etheric material and is the only remnant from his time in the plane where he grew up. Also bears the same symbol on the back of both of his hands—a permanent self-incantation he devised and cast to improve his ability to focus the magic he channels.


Kace is descended from a powerful and eccentric elven clan that has a penchant for traveling through the various planes of reality. His parents met during the clan’s short jaunt into the human world (his mother being human, of course). Whisked away by his father, they quickly moved to another plane (presumably the Feywild, but likely something even more abstract and elusive) where he was born and spent the first few years of his life. He has little to no recollection of it, other than vague memories of his parents, and a strange nostalgia for the the colors, sounds, and smells of that plane.

One night, around the age of 6, he had a mysterious dream where he found himself in a dark void. In it, a blank human-silhouetted figure burning in white flames appeared before him and asked him a question “We know your loss, and the arduousness of the days to come: shall we lend you our power?” Vague memories of accepting the being’s offer lingered in his mind as he suddenly woke up the next day in forest in the middle of nowhere back in the human world. Having no idea of how he got there, or why, he was left to fend for himself in the woods for weeks and find his way out. Under this duress, his magic ability came to fruition, and was instrumental in his survival. He eventually made his way back to back to civilization, stumbling upon a town, and began the search for an answer as to what might have happened to him. He wanders the lands to seek out any and all information he can about other planes of existence, while improving his magic along the way—as he believes it to be the key to his return to the life that was inexplicably taken away.

Kace Viridian

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