An Elven cleric, worshipper of the goddess Terathiel


HP: 24 STR: 14 +2 CON: 12 +1 DEX: 10 INT: 11 WIS: 18 +4 CHA: 14 +2 AC: 16 FORT: 12 REF: 10 WILL: 16 Speed: 6 (7-1 for chainmail) Passive Insight: 19 Passive Perception: 16 Weapons: Quarterstaff Longbow


The forest has been receding for quite some time. Monsters and other such vermin kept camping out on the borders, burning the trees, and polluting the sacred area with their foul presence. When he was barely old enough to talk, Lindir proclaimed that he will become a righteous warrior, to avenge his kin and rid the world of the filth that has been steadily overcoming it. Unfortunately for Lindir, as he grew, it became increasingly evident that he was neither agile nor strong enough to wield a sword. In fact, he was always somewhat clumsy (a sad fate for an elf). So, when another one of his attempts to promote his cause proved unsuccessful, his friends decided that his help was detrimental to the party, tied him by the legs to a tree branch so that he wouldn’t follow them, and left him behind. Distraught and disillusioned the young elf wandered into the deep wilds of the forest, far away from his home. There, between the trees, he saw a little brook. Gurgling and splashing over the rocks, washing away the moss, it made Lindir realize that he was thirsty. He knelt down, cupped some of the water, and wet his lips. Before he could drink more than a handful, the water began to glow and the elf saw a tall figure emerge from behind a tree on the other side of the brook: “You have found the sacred brook.” The elf did not know what to say. “I am Terathiel, the goddess of truth. I will tell you about all things, my child. Just listen…”


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