Relics in the Waste

First Contact

Welcome to Keszyd

You gathered in the relics shop of Lareth Goldbough. He had called you all together for a job. Rumor had spread to Stone’s Throw of a rare relic near the northern town of Winterhaven, and he wanted you to investigate. He offered you 100 gold simply for gathering information, and promised an additional 400 if you brought the relic back in working condition. After a rowdy night celebrating your employment, you set off north the next morning.

An uneventful six days passed on the road, but on the last day – with Winterhaven in site – you were attacked by a band of kobolds! Rumors had been spreading about increasingly frequent kobold attacks on the road, but you now found out just how real – and dangerous – they were. Before you knew they were there, five small kobolds armed with spears charged at Gronnell, who had been walking alongside your wagon. From there, the creatures only multiplied, with three more appearing from the rocks. While Gronnell took the full brunt of the minions’ assault, Sora and Seiza scrambled to help him, while Zoren and Mari worked to fell the two kobold dragonshields on their other flank. Kace took arcane potshots at enemies from under the cover of the cart, and soon the foul lizards were dispatched. With Gronnell in poor shape, you made it the rest of the way to Winterhaven, where you spent the night at Wrafton’s Inn. While entering the town, you heard rumor that the mayor had been trying unsuccessfully to raise a force to deal with the kobold problem. Perhaps you could be of service.



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