Relics in the Waste


The furious goblin with the metal jaw

With a bleating war trumpet, the goblin leader of the kobold raiders, Irontooth, came barreling out of the back of his cavern camp. From there, the battle was swift and furious, with combat being joined on all sides. Zoren started things off well, incinerating a number of kobold minions before they could swarm his allies. With a thunderous roar, Gronnell waded into the cave, beset by vastly superior numbers, but laughing off their attacks all the same. As the casters hung back and picked off enemies with surgical precision, Sora, Gronnell, and Seiza kept the masses of kobolds well-occupied, felling one after the other. Spells flew from both sides, with a wyrmpriest’s fire orb nearly killing Gronnell. Finally, you are left with but one opponent, locked in mortal combat with Irontooth, his twin axes a blur. Will your superior numbers finally best him, or will his terrible blood frenzy prove too much for you?


<kace> Nearly killing Gronnell? That’s it? I’m still dousing the fire on my robes and plucking out singed hairs here…


Sorry, sir. Your contributions and sacrifices are not forgotten.


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