Relics in the Waste

Madness at Midnight

The Dead Walk!

You decided to spend your last night in Winterhaven socializing with the townspeople at Wrafton’s Inn. In the middle of your festivities, Sister Linora burst through the doors, shouting breathlessly, “Come quickly! The dead have risen from their graves in the Winterhaven cemetery! The guards are already on alert. Please, go lay the souls of the departed to rest before they attack the town!” She pressed a few flasks of holy water into your hands, and thanked you earnestly before going to warn the other villagers. You roused Zoren, who had been sleeping upstairs, and he told you to go on ahead while he readied his gear and spells.

You arrived to find the graveyard crawling with skeletons. Behind them were two vicious-looking gravehounds, their decaying jaws slavering as they eyed you maliciously. Out of one of the mausoleums stepped Ninaran, Kalarel’s spy. She began flitting from place to place, firing off deadly arrows in rapid succession while her undead allies swarmed you. Skeletons fell before Lindir’s divine onslaught like wheat before the scythe, and though the gravehounds injured him and Gronnell grievously, they soon met their end in your retribution. Finally, it was just you and Ninaran. Will you be able to catch her before she makes pincushions out of you?


Drunken fighting is the best fighting.

Madness at Midnight

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