Relics in the Waste

The Gauntlet

What lies in the caves?

Pursuing Balgron through his secret passage, you emerged into a veritable meat grinder of a hallway. Balgron had rallied his forces and laid a trap for you, sealing off two of the hall’s four exits with his underlings. From your left, goblin bombardiers chucked explosive flasks of alchemist’s fire; from your right, a firing squad of sharpshooters filled you with crossbow bolts. Guarding them from attack were guard drakes and a very menacing hobgoblin jailer wielding a red-hot poker that Seiza learned was just as potent as it looked. Bravely you fought, beset from both sides, and soon you made noticeable dents in their numbers. It was then that Gronnell caught sight of Balgron skulking in the cave to the south.

Pursuing your target, Gronnell got more than he anticipated when he entered the caves, as he was attacked by hordes of giant rats, and a menacing ochre jelly began slithering up to engage him from the south. Gronnell retreated, helping you to mop up the remaining creatures in the hallway. Quickly, you re-formed your ranks, and attacked the monsters in the cave. Sora, Gronnell, and Seiza threw their full might at the ochre jelly, battering it about with powerful attacks. Meanwhile, Lindir, Zoren, and Kace covered them from attack by the rats and Balgron. Though the jelly tried to split into two to better attack Sora and Gronnell, persistence on your part meant that it was soon a puddle on the floor. With rats dropping (sometimes literally) left and right, you focused your wrath on Balgron. When he saw how doomed he truly was, he threw down his weapons and begged for mercy. You bound him and debated what to do with your newfound prisoner.



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