Relics in the Waste

The General

The tale of Bartholomew Keegan

It seemed no matter how many skeletons you demolished, more kept coming. Every few seconds, another coffin would open, and more undead would climb out of them. You managed to cut your way through to the two altars of Bahamut on the far end of the room. Lindir, hoping to appease the dragon god, kneeled and gave obeisance at one of the altars. Silvery light filled the room, and the tomb went silent.

After taking a moment to catch your collective breath, you investigated the room on the far end of the tomb. You found there an elaborate sarcophagus, with a carved lid depicting a regal soldier. Hoping it would go better than last time, Gronnell walked up to the coffin and opened it. When he placed his hand on the lid, however, it exploded in a shower of dust, and an armored skeleton rose out of it with a thunderous roar of, “The rift shall not be reopened! I will not let you retake this place!” This skeleton, it seemed, had motivations different from the rest. After assuring him that you meant no harm and wished as much as he did to seal the rift in the keep, you managed to learn a few things from him.

His name was Sir Bartholomew Keegan, general of the army of the old kingdom of Nerath, a realm which had disappeared with the Old Days. Keegan headed the forces that opposed the invaders that poured from the portal when it was first opened in a struggle known as the Battle of Hell Hill. Though the armies of Nerath triumphed in the end, Keegan had apparently fled before securing their victory, leading to the deaths of many people. He recounted, “That yawning gateway to nothing… My legs were not my own!” Though he was later placed in charge of the keep that was built over the portal, the shame he hid until he died kept him tied to his crypt in unlife. He begged you to do what he could not and seal the rift to the other plane. He gave his sword Aecris to Sora, so that it might go in his place and earn him some form of redemption.

You were thus left with the question of exactly how to find the rift. You headed back north, and stumbled into the quarters of the commander of the goblins, a short, fat goblin who commanded his minions to attack you before fleeing through a hidden door. After an intense battle in the hallways, you rested and prepared yourself, as it sounded like the goblin commander was rallying his remaining forces.



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