Winterhaven is a town in northern reaches of the continent of Altiar. Since the end of the Old Days, it has been one of the northernmost towns in Altiar, and serves partly as a watch station and partly as a refuge for those coming from the frozen climates that lay further north. Due to its isolation and the high population of monsters in the area, the town is fairly well fortified. Sitting on a hill, the town proper is surrounded by a heavy stone wall, and the most important interior buildings are shielded by an additional inner wall. Avandra is the primary deity worshipped in Winterhaven, and a church dedicated to her has been established in the town. Its head priestess is Sister Linora.

In the countryside surrounding Winterhaven are a number of farms tended by the residents. The land is resistant to agriculture, but through careful cultivation, farmers have been able to raise wheat, corn, and other staple crops, as well as maintain fields which sustain cattle. These farms are used mostly for subsistence by Winterhaven’s population, and crop surpluses are partially put into the town’s emergency reserve, with the rest being exported to large cities such as Stone’s Throw to the south.

Trade with foreigners is not uncommon, since Winterhaven serves as the first waypoint for travelers and traders from the north. Trade bazaars are held periodically in the town square in order to attract visitors and stimulate Winterhaven’s economy. Commonly, traders bring cured meats, pelts, handicrafts, some ores or gems from mountain mines, mundane weapons, and occasionally a relic found in one of the many ruins in the wilderness.

Winterhaven’s population is primarily humans, with some dwarves that have come down from the Barrier Mountains, and a few Halflings that are primarily engaged in trading businesses. The town is governed by Ernest Padraig, the latest in the hereditary line of leadership. The citizenry is generally happy with his rule, and he treats them well. In all, Winterhaven has a population of just under 1,000.


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